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ABOUT: My name is Natalie and I have been working in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. I recently closed my studio to be more present in my family’s life, but I found that so many women in Orange County still needed guidance and advice when it came to the best places to workout! Now I spend my free time trying out classes, boot camps, and gyms all over Orange County so that I can share my experience here on Fitness Reviews OC.

WHAT WE DO: My team and I take classes in all varieties of workouts, studios and fitness styles that are available in Orange County. We write informative, positive, fact based reviews. If we are unable to write a positive review, we will contact the trainer or gym prior to publishing our post to try and resolve any issues we may have.

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Do I have to offer you a free session or a class? Absolutely not, we will pay the drop in fee for the class or session that we would like to review.

Do you post every review? No, unfortunately it does happen where there are trainers or studios I deem unsafe for the general population and I will not write a bad review so I opt to write no review.

You said my review would be posted, but its been a while and I don’t see it. After I complete a workout I immediately post that I completed a workout to our social media sites. Then I write my review, but I do not publish it. Instead I submit the article to the OC Register. They will only take new, non-published articles so if it is accepted I will re-write another short review and link to the OC Register post. If it is not accepted then I post here, it can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to hear back if an article was accepted by the newspaper. I am currently working on expanding to submit my reviews to a variety of other journals and magazines in Orange County.

Do you offer advertising options? Yes, you can click here for information on how to place advertisements or advertorials.

I own a fitness clothing company, a nutrition company, a vlog site, an app, etc. Can you review it? Yes, please submit your information for review below.

I would like to take part in the Fitness on Tour where do I find information on that? You can visit our Fitness on Tour Trainer Page for information about participation.

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