SHEfit- Aliso Viejo

SHEfit Aliso Viejo Crossfit

Crossfit has a reputation for being “intense” so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in. I was prepping myself for a hard workout with a lot of really fit potentially intimidating ladies

Boy was I wrong! Barbara Murphy “Babs’ is the coach, a former police officer she turned her love of fitness into her career. Originally she begin this workout as a “Fitness over Forty” workout. It grew in such popularity amongst young ladies, moms, and the over fifty crowd that she named it SHEfit.

I had such a wonderful workout and was so inspired by these ladies.

  1. Held inside Aliso Crossfit, It’s pretty typical of the crossfit “box” warehouse style atheletic space. Plenty of room to move and not be in others way. The music is loud but the genre varies widly depending on their day.  
  2. Babs spent 15 minutes on the warm up, going over the mechanics of the lifts, setting up pull up stations that had proper assistance for everyone. She really made it clear what we were doing.
  3. The workout itself was a typical WOD for crossfit but she really made sure to not emphasis the time part. She coached everyone to do specific rounds, some of us did 3 and were done early and then we finished with stretching and foam rolling, others did 8 rounds.
  4. From the moment I walked in and met the Manger to the other two coaches I met and the ladies working out with me everyone was very kind and welcoming.

Pros: They do have a little child area. It’s not really babysitting as its just a cornered off area where the kids can see the moms working out and moms can see the kids.

Cons: Only offered at 9:30 am 4 mornings a week.




PHONE: (949) 215-2220


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