Baby Boot Camp Dana Point/San Celemente

I am a big fan of mom-centered workouts. As a new mom, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to find a workout that allows you to bring your baby and no one looks twice if you have to nurse, change a diaper or clean up spit up.


Angie Menendez is the owner and head trainer of Baby Boot Camp Dana Point /San Clemente. She also runs other programs, fitness for runners, and Body Back a more personalized small group fitness.


1) The ladies for Baby Boot Camp meet up at the playground  at Lantern Bay Park next to the Marriot. They run/walk to various points along the park and the harbor and do exercises, step ups, burpees, push ups, planks, etc.  It is a gorgeous view!

2) Angie is a seasoned professional, she’s been training for a long time, and has had the experience with her boot camp to give precise queuing for exercises and while handing out stickers to keep little ones occupied. She also has some of her “veteran” moms who have been there a long time pair up with newbies to make sure the exercises are done right.

3) This is a great workout, but I would say that if you are not comfortable walk/jogging at least a mile it will be hard to keep up

4) Everyone was great, but don’t turned off if there isn’t a lot of socialization right away, the moms are multi-tasking (as you will be too) working out and keeping an eye on their little ones.

This is a great workout that is perfect for moms!

Pros: kid friendly, beautiful location

Cons: only offered at 9:30 am Mon-Fri (although that is usually a perfect time for moms!)

Angie Menendez




SHEfit- Aliso Viejo

SHEfit Aliso Viejo Crossfit

Crossfit has a reputation for being “intense” so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in. I was prepping myself for a hard workout with a lot of really fit potentially intimidating ladies

Boy was I wrong! Barbara Murphy “Babs’ is the coach, a former police officer she turned her love of fitness into her career. Originally she begin this workout as a “Fitness over Forty” workout. It grew in such popularity amongst young ladies, moms, and the over fifty crowd that she named it SHEfit.

I had such a wonderful workout and was so inspired by these ladies.

  1. Held inside Aliso Crossfit, It’s pretty typical of the crossfit “box” warehouse style atheletic space. Plenty of room to move and not be in others way. The music is loud but the genre varies widly depending on their day.  
  2. Babs spent 15 minutes on the warm up, going over the mechanics of the lifts, setting up pull up stations that had proper assistance for everyone. She really made it clear what we were doing.
  3. The workout itself was a typical WOD for crossfit but she really made sure to not emphasis the time part. She coached everyone to do specific rounds, some of us did 3 and were done early and then we finished with stretching and foam rolling, others did 8 rounds.
  4. From the moment I walked in and met the Manger to the other two coaches I met and the ladies working out with me everyone was very kind and welcoming.

Pros: They do have a little child area. It’s not really babysitting as its just a cornered off area where the kids can see the moms working out and moms can see the kids.

Cons: Only offered at 9:30 am 4 mornings a week.




PHONE: (949) 215-2220


Review: YogaWorks Mission Viejo

Yoga Works Mission Viejo Theraputic Yoga

Yoga Works Mission Viejo Theraputic Yoga


This morning I ventured over to Yoga Works in Mission Viejo to take Suzy Gills’ “Therapeutic Yoga” course. I experienced a lot of back pain when I was pregnant with my son, so I was very excited to take this class and see what it had to offer.


Equipment used: mat (bring your own or rent one from the studio), and then the studio provides blocks, strap, chair, blankets and bolster.

1) Yoga Works has been in Mission Viejo for 15 years, and while the studio is older, it is very clean, quiet, and calming. The equipment is all clean and very well maintained. There are two studio spaces and classes run from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The classes offered range from beginner to the advanced practitioner.

2) I can not say enough good things about Suzy Gills, she is extremely knowledgeable about injuries, movement, and movement patterns. During class she was very vigilant and aware of each attendees special needs, there were a lot of back, knee and neck issues. This class holds true to the “therapeutic” in the name, it for people who have an injury or something they need to work through and can not do standing poses. It’s not even a “beginner class” it is a “pre-beginner” class.

3) This class is truly an extension of a good physical therapy session (although there is no PT assumed or offered). It is gentle and Suzy walked everyone through how to open up and relax the muscles along the spine and spectrum, all the while working on tiny muscle movements and bringing awareness to areas where you might have tightness. If you have suffered any injury and are seeking a way to get back into yoga this is the perfect must-do class for you!

4) The receptionist at the front was wonderful and she even extended the package I had a few months because of my pregnancy.


The breakdown:

This is a 5 star class for sure!

Recommended for: Those with injuries, pre- and postnatal, and those beginners who aren’t sure where to begin.