I heart yoga in the park- Dana point

If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga but were a little shy, or didn’t want to invest a lot of money purchasing a few sessions, then this is the place for you! Donation based yoga is offered every Friday at 10 am at Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point. It is taught by some of the best and kindest yogis from around South County.

1)The yoga is taught in the open space in the park. Come early to grab a spot under the trees if you think the sun will bother you.

2) The instructors are wonderful! They speak in clear, plain language, so if you aren’t familiar with the names of the poses you will still be able to follow along.

3)Donations: they really don’t give you a suggestion, so it truly is whatever you can or can’t give that day. Some days maybe it’s $3, others maybe $15. It’s up to you!

4)Kid and dog friendly! Most of us with little ones and dogs stay to the back of the pack, but leashed dogs and children are very welcome here.

I have been blessed to take my two year old daughter every Friday for the last two months of my pregnancy. We have a ton of fun.

The breakdown:
Equipment:  bring your own mat, towel, and some water.
Level: all levels are welcome and encouraged. I would say they follow a level 1 style of teaching, a very mellow and light vinyasa (breathing focused yoga) flow and they always give variations for advanced practitioners.
Average age of participant: this is truly a 13-90 class. All age ranges represented here.



Review: YogaWorks Mission Viejo

Yoga Works Mission Viejo Theraputic Yoga

Yoga Works Mission Viejo Theraputic Yoga


This morning I ventured over to Yoga Works in Mission Viejo to take Suzy Gills’ “Therapeutic Yoga” course. I experienced a lot of back pain when I was pregnant with my son, so I was very excited to take this class and see what it had to offer.


Equipment used: mat (bring your own or rent one from the studio), and then the studio provides blocks, strap, chair, blankets and bolster.

1) Yoga Works has been in Mission Viejo for 15 years, and while the studio is older, it is very clean, quiet, and calming. The equipment is all clean and very well maintained. There are two studio spaces and classes run from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The classes offered range from beginner to the advanced practitioner.

2) I can not say enough good things about Suzy Gills, she is extremely knowledgeable about injuries, movement, and movement patterns. During class she was very vigilant and aware of each attendees special needs, there were a lot of back, knee and neck issues. This class holds true to the “therapeutic” in the name, it for people who have an injury or something they need to work through and can not do standing poses. It’s not even a “beginner class” it is a “pre-beginner” class.

3) This class is truly an extension of a good physical therapy session (although there is no PT assumed or offered). It is gentle and Suzy walked everyone through how to open up and relax the muscles along the spine and spectrum, all the while working on tiny muscle movements and bringing awareness to areas where you might have tightness. If you have suffered any injury and are seeking a way to get back into yoga this is the perfect must-do class for you!

4) The receptionist at the front was wonderful and she even extended the package I had a few months because of my pregnancy.


The breakdown:

This is a 5 star class for sure!

Recommended for: Those with injuries, pre- and postnatal, and those beginners who aren’t sure where to begin.