Definition Fitness- Laguna Hills

Wow, I just got my arms and abs WORKED!!! Definition Fitness is a weight training fitness studio in Laguna Hills. They offer a mix of private one on one training and group training. The workouts are all traditional gym workout – good old fashion tried and true muscle workers. Bicep curls, chest flies, lunges, chest press, rope work, bag work, and stability balls. I gotta say I got worked, and it was awesome!

Equipment: dumbells, squat rack, tires, ropes, cable machines.20140605-170342.jpg

Style: group, all in one training – everyone follows the same workout with modifications for those that need them.

Levels: I would say an “advanced beginner” on up. You should have some knowledge of lunges and curls (although not mandatory) to keep up with the group sessions.

1) This place JUST opened! In fact their grand opening is this Saturday June 7, so yes, everything is spanking new and clean! It is in a warehouse location and very much a gym. Guys and gals, athelets of all levels would be very comfortable training here.

2) I did the group training class with Desiree Sewall and she was great! Very motivational, she went over each exercise and it’s proper movement pattern. A lot of reminders to breath, which was great.20140605-170327.jpg

3) The workout was a traditional gym, weight training workout, with dumbbells and other equipment. Three sections of exercises each with three sets of three different rotating exercises done back to back to maximize efficiency.

4) Everyone was very nice here. You can tell a lot of these clients have been training together for sometime with Desiree as there is an easy conversational camaraderie that goes on.



PURE sports fitness and therapy-Lake Forest

**Note this is a biased review as I am also the owner! ****

Pure sports fitness and therapy is a group personal training studio in Lake Forest since 2009.  Their tag line is “the most affordable way to work with a personal trainer” and I would say that is absolutely true! There are no class “slots” per se you sign up for a rough time 6 am, and start whenever you get there with your program, so if you are early or late you can jump right in. Each workout is programmed and designed to meet your personal goals, and health history.  Each workout is lead by a personal trainer everytime you walk in, and everyone is doing the workout that is right for their body and their needs. So you might be working out next to a high school athelete, or a pregnant woman, and your workout will look different.

pure logo

equipment: weights, GTS, TRX, tire, chains, kick boxing bags, sand bags, spinning bikes, rowers, pilates springs

Ideal for Anyone but note that because of our background in Therapy most clients seek us out to help them with an injury, to pair it with physical therapy, or because they are nervous about re injury, probably 90% of all clients come in the front door with an existing injury we are working with.

1) The trainers here are amazing, kind, knowledgeable and motivating. The space and equipment is older but very clean.  The music is always upbeat and trendy but it is not too loud, the trainers need to be able to coach the clients through various movement patterns and need to be heard. High plank variations

2) The instruction is rock solid, Doing this review (and being biased as the owner) I let both my trainers program for me at almost 20 weeks pregnant, now granted I am the boss and they might have been nervous, but their queing was spot on, and their programming was perfect. Since all programs are designed for the individual any one at any level can workout at this studio.

3) You will definitely reach your fitness goals, wheather you are seeking a highly intense workout for high caloric burn and muscle build, or you are seeking the softer pilates based movements for strength and posture, you will definietly find what you need.

4) Not only will you find the staff super freindly and outgoing, but so are the clients! There is definetly a sense of comraderie and companionship here.

Prices range from $70-205 a month depending on how often you are working out. For clients on the unlimited package that attend 5 days a week it works out to $9 per workout! Everyone’s first week is free with no obligation to join.

5 stars!group personal training

Located at 22821 Lake Forest, CA 92630